Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tuscans 20th Anniversary Christmas Rally!!

How amazing was it?!

Here is a recap on awards that were given out during the event!

Rising Star winners:
TCWorld: Andrew Littler
TCW2: Shaun Frankland, Chelcie Hutchinson, Ed Freeman 
TCW3: Eden Beesley
TCW4: Jason Kendall 
TCW5: Scott McAuley
TCW6: Andrius Vielavicus, Caleb Mierkalns, Luke Spilsbury
TCW11: Mark Waites

Leader Awards:
TCWorld: Andrew Littler, Shaun Frankland
TCW2: Natalie Chapman, Chelcie Hutchinson 
TCW3: Joel Baron 
TCW4: Bogdan Pricop, Dean Page 
TCW6: Caleb Mierkalns, Leon Tomlin
TCW8: Tobias Billingham
TCW11: Stefan Jarecki

Promotion to Crew Leader since Summer Rally:
Kamila De Arujo, Fraser Gibson, Leon Tomlin and Callum Massie.

Sales Awards:
TCWorld: Greg Egan 
TCW2: Natalie Chapman, Chelcie Hutchinson 
TCW3: Liam Nuttall
TCW4: Kamraez Khan 
TCW5: James Wood, Michael Frost
TCW6: Toby Normington, James Hood 
TCW8: Callum Massie 
TCW11: Oliver Romani

Promotion to Assistant Owner/Owner Partner since Summer Rally:
Greg Egan, Tom Fisher, Tom Wadsworth

~*Congratulations to you all!*~